LIVE Seminar @ TRT Academy

No. 5 Purvis Street
Talib Court, #02-07
Singapore 188584

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25 August 2016 (Thursday)

7pm – 10pm

Seminar Outline

How does 3-Dimensional Options Trading enable you to profit regardless of the market moving Up, Down, or Sideways, under normal market conditions.

What is Options Premium Value (OPV) analysis.

How does OPV enable yo to make consistent and sustained profits, even when the market is moving sidesways, under normal market conditions.

What is a structured options trading strategy.

How does the structured options trading strategy
increase trading profit
protect trading capital, and against overall trading risk
limit trading loss

How to set up a Structured Options Trading strategy with
Buy Trade to make AT LEAST 100% profit with 10% movement
Sell Trade to achieve UP TO 90% winning rate