LIVE @ TRT Academy

No. 5 Purvis Street
Talib Court, #02-07
Singapore 188584

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14 January 2020 (Tuesday)
7pm – 11pm
Theory + LIVE Market Learning

17 January 2020 (Friday)
7pm – 11pm
Theory + LIVE Market Learning

20 January 2020 (Monday)
7pm – 11pm
Theory + LIVE Market Learning

3 More LIVE @ TRT Academy sessions during the following quarter’s earnings season.

The exact class dates will depend on the respective stocks’ earnings announcement dates.

Post-Class Support
1 year (24hr) of Continuous Learning Webinar spread over 4 quarterly earnings seasons.

We develop this course with the intention for competent options traders to expand their repertoire of trade opportunities, by acquiring the speciality skillset to trade the US Earnings Season with fearless confidence, despite the unpredictabily and volatility.

All seasoned traders know that with the right skillset, the quarterly US Earnings Season is a tremendous recurring opportunity to make a lot of money in extremely short period of time.

With as many as 2,800 and 3,300 stocks listed on NYSE and NASQAQ, respectively, even an extremely skillful advanced trader needs a strategy to optimise his/her trading productivity, in order to maximise making the most profitable trade opportunities.

Hence, the approach of this course will be based on the desired outcome of enabling you to

? spend less time on research, technical analysis, trade finding and other preparatory works.

? make less trades, and shorter trades; while making more money per trade.

The programme consists of


Part 1 –

3 sessions (total 12hr) of skillset acquisition, each a combination of

? Classroom Learning for you to learn.

? LIVE Market Learning to immediate apply your learning to trade during the US market session, under the personal supervisory oversight of your coach.

The skillset you will acquire includes

✅ how to use Options Premium Analysis as a forward-looking analysis tool (vs backward-looking technical analysis) to raise the predictability of the market’s reaction, and a stock’s price action behaviour, following its earnings announcement.

✅ how to find trade opportunities before – during – after earnings announcements without extensive technical analysis or any research.

✅ how to manage

1️⃣ Capital by trading with Stop-Loss money.

2️⃣ Risk by doing Fixed-Risk trades (vs open-risk trades)

3️⃣ Trades with 6 different strategies to cover all possible market conditions during the earnings season


✅ how to use a trading capital as little as just $500 only with as high as 80% success.


Part 2 –

? 1 year (total 24hr) of post-course Refreshment & Re-Learning seminars and webinars held during the quarterly US Earnings Season period.