About Trading Naked ver. 2019

In this year's iteration of Trading Naked, you will learn 3 new Trading Naked Strategy to continue widening and deepening your Trading Naked skillset.

  1. Pivot Low - High
  • Pivot refers to a turning point in the price and often coincides with key levels of support and resistance. A price pivot indicates reversals in the market.  Price pivots form on all time frames.
  • Pivot Low
    • A three-candle pivot low represents support and is formed when buying pressure turns price from down to up. When we have a series of candles with lower highs and lower lows, the moment that a candle closes with higher low we have a disruption of the pattern.   If that candle closes with a higher low and a higher high, the pivot low pattern is formed. 
  • Pivot High
    • A three-candle pivot high represents resistance and is formed when sellers turn price from up to down. It is seen where a price candle with a lower high closes below the previous candle's low, where the previous candle's high is higher than the candle that preceded it.
  1. Narrow Range 4 Candle (NR4C)
    • NR4C is the 4 periods version of Narrow Range Inside Bar (NRIB) pattern for short-term trading strategy.
    • NRIB is a simple and straightforward method of market entry and exit that has the highest probability of being profitable while minimizing the risk and capital exposed, allowing for maximum effectiveness in trading.
    • Trading the NRIB setup requires absolutely no forecasting and predicting of cycles to determine times of market contraction and when expansion will be seen.
    • The NRIB setup allows you to be prepared and be ahead of time by spotting markets that are in “pre-breakout mode”.  This setup alerts you to this low risk–high profit probability entry and exit strategy for when the next cycle of expansion breakout is experienced.
  2. (BONUS) Black Marubozu
  • A marubozu candle reveals that a candle is without a shadow or wick. However, there are two types of marubozu candles. The first type is a closing Marubozu, with no shadow above or below the close of the candle.  The second type is an opening Marubozu, with no shadow above or below the open of the candle.
  • When marubozu appears at the end of a trend, uptrend or downtrend, in the majority of cases it means that the trend has ended and it is a high probability that the trend would reverse.


What is Trading Naked?

  • Trading Naked is a trading methodology based on the principle that Price Action is the Footprint of Money.
  • When a trader is trading naked, this person is trading without using any technical indicators or oscillators, but strictly using Price Action based on specific setups and price patterns.


What is Trading Naked Workshop?

  • In the Trading Naked series of workshops, aspiring traders learn how to apply a specific Trading Naked Strategy to trade a specific Price Action more successfully, thereby making more money from each trade.
  • The 16-hour programme workshop is intentionally designed for 1 weekend and 2 weekday evening sessions
    • Part 1 - 
      • Classroom Learning (8hr), for you to acquire a comprehensive set of Practical Knowledge (vs textbook Theoretical Knowledge) that will firmly establish you to have an in-depth understanding of Trading Naked methodology.
    • Part 2 - 
      • LIVE Market Learning (2 x 4hr), for you to practise how to apply a specific Trading Naked Strategy to trade a specific Price Action in real-time LIVE market conditions.