Harsh JAPEE – How to RAISE Your Trading Profitability with Elliott Wave Analysis & Strategy

LIVE Webinar @ TRT.sg


21 Mar 2019  (Thu)


9.30pm – Singapore,  Malaysia,  Philippines

8.30pm – Thailand,  Vietnam,  Indonesia  





In this new FREE webinar series by Harsh Japee, our TRT Academy associate coach, you will learn


How to Raise YOUR Trading Profitability by


UNCOVERING the 5 major hidden natural rhythmic patterns of the Market that keep repeating and repeating and repeating over and over and over the course of time.


– DISCOVERING the unseen trade opportunities inside 2 of the most basic rhythmic patterns.


PLANNING to trade the 2 patterns by DETERMINING the most profitable trading strategy; for your trading style, trade time frame, and available capital.


IMPROVING a trade’s winning odds through setting the most appropriate entry, stop-loss and exit parameters.