… Because It’s DAMN BORING Making Money Alone.

If you are an aspiring trader, you'd probably realise that trading as an individual retail trader is generally extremely lonesome. You do everything online, including meeting other traders.

Unless you have attended a hotel ballroom-filling mass-market "guru" trading course, you will probably not meet or make friend with more than 10 like-minded fellow traders in your entire trading lifetime.

And hence we hope this new monthly meet-up event will provide the opportunity for aspiring traders of all levels of experiences to make friends, while exchanging and exploring ideas and possibilities.

LIVE Event @ TRT Academy

No. 5 Purvis Street, Talib Court, #02-07, Singapore 188584

18/12/2019     |     Wednesday

09/01/2020     |     Thursday

07/02/2020     |     Friday

13/03/2020     |     Friday

02/04/2020     |     Thursday