Multi-Millionaire Trader Ray Barros: Discover Hidden Barriers to Trading Success
This is an interactive session that allows you to tap the knowledge of an experienced trader. Since 2010, the speaker DAR Wong has not conducted retail education except for trade seminars and corporate advisories. This is a rare opportunity for him to share the combination of fundamental and technical analysis in conducting a stock rotation. He will also outline the macro outlook for global markets in U.S., China, Europe and Asia while forecast on the most potential instruments to structure for your portfolio after 2015. This is the time for you to explore the secret of a professional fund manager!


DAR Wong is a registered fund manager in Singapore and his trainings and advisories have covered 16 countries. Till date, DAR has 26 years of trading and investment experiences in global financial markets since he began his career with Bank of America Inc, Bankers Trust Inc, Barclays Bank Inc and Citigroup Inc. In 2003, DAR began to provide training education and hedging advice to commodity plantations in ASEAN countries. In 2013, he received an Individual Outstanding Entrepreneurial Award from Privy Council of Royal Kingdom of Thailand. In January 2015, DAR received an Outstanding Award for International Financial Analysis granted by ASEAN Commerce (Thailand).