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28 June 2018 (Thursday)

7pm – 10pm

Intrepid Investing” – Intrepid Investing is a book for the property buyer, both the planner and the doer. A home (or investment property) is likely to be the single most-expensive purchase many of us are going to make in our lifetime.

We need to prepare for the purchase, we need both a prudent budget and a systemic procedure for the purchaser, and we need to factor in the risks of something unfortunate happening to us after the purchase.

In clear and straight forward language accompanied by numerous tables, charts and case studies, the authors tell you how effectively and efficiently procure property AND put some money aside, both in investments as reserves for payment of the mortgage installment and in insurance as protection against personal calamities.

Combining Property, Investment and Insurance may appear unusual on first sight, but Intrepid Investing convincingly and methodically show you why the union makes sense and why the property buyer MUST consider all three elements together, especially in today’s world.