19 May – [LIVE Webinar @ TRT.sg]  Peer Support & Networking for Aspiring Traders – Gary Yang LIVE

Live Webinar @ TRT.sg

9pm – Singapore,  Malaysia,  Philippines

8pm – Thailand,  Vietnam,  Indonesia  

19 May 2020     |     Tuesday

At this learning event, Gary will teach on

Part 1


✅ Why most aspiring traders fail to achieve sustained profitability throughout their trading “career” lifetime.


Part 2


✅ How you can develop a Mean Reversion System for Forex trading to achieve better profitability.


✅ How to use the Mean Reversion System you develop to achieve Over 90% win rate over time.


✅ How to make systematic trading work for you, to make you a more profitable trader.

About Gary Yang


Gary is an institutional (systematic) trader managing a low 7-figure account and founder of evidence-basedforex.com. He is active in the financial markets since 2008, turned full-time trader in 2012, specializing in the International Foreign Exchange Market (Forex). 


Together with 9 other world renowned traders, Gary was featured in the Amazon bestseller, Trading Mentors: Learn Timeless Strategies and Best Practices from Successful Traders.


Prior to trading, Gary spent over 10 years in the continuing education and training industry where he helped led and grew a 5-men outfit to an over 50+ strong organisation. He last held a senior management role in his early 30s.