[LIVE Seminar @ TRT.sg]  LIVE Market Learning with Thomas SAW
  Live Webinar @ TRT.sg
  11 Jul 2020 Theory
  1.30pm – 5.30pm
  13 Jul 2020 LIVE Market Learning
  7.30pm – 11.30pm
  15 Jul 2020 LIVE Market Learning
  7.30pm – 11.30pm
  17 Jul 2020 LIVE Market Learning
  7.30pm – 11.30pm
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We develop this 16-hour workshop programme to start aspiring traders on a skill-based learning journey to acquire the “Craft of the Trade” in trading US stock and index options successfully, and with consistent and sustained profitability through their trading career lifetime.


What YOU CAN Do After Attending

💎 Trade a basket of S&P 500 stock options consisting of the world’s biggest brand names, with just $250 capital money per trade.


💎 Trade profitably to make money when the Market is

✅ moving Up, Down, and Sideways direction.

✅ moving direction-less.


💎 Trade with

✅ “Stop-Loss Money Strategy” to manage trading capital more efficiently.

✅ “Fixed Risk Strategy” to know exactly the maximum loss, before entering a trade.

✅ “Trading Account Size Strategy” to optimise the unique advantages of

🔶 small accounts US$4,000

🔶 standard accounts US$40,000


Part 1 –

Theory (4hr), for you to acquire a comprehensive set of Practical Knowledge (vs textbook Theoretical Knowledge) that will firmly establish you to 

💎 have an in-depth appreciation of the incredible power of Options Trading (vs trading Forex, Stocks, Futures, etc.) to enable you to trade with

          ✅ LOW Risk          ✅ LOW Leverage

          ✅ HIGH Winning Probability

          ✅ HIGH Reward

          ✅ High Capital-Efficiency


💎 understand thoroughly

✅ the strength and weakness in each of the 12 most-common Options Strategy suitable for aspiring traders of all levels of experience and capital





5️⃣ Covered Call

6️⃣ Strangle & Straddle

7️⃣ Naked Call & Naked Put 


✅ the difference between trading the “correct” Options Strategy (vs the “right” Options Strategy) in a given market condition.

✅ when to trade with which Options Strategy in what market condition, to achieve the lowest risk and highest reward with the lowest capital possible.


💎 make Options Trading work profitably for you, in the shortest time with the least effort.


💎 develop your own trading style, according to your

✅ Character

✅ Risk Appetite

✅ Lifestyle Preference

✅ Time Availability

✅ Capital Availability


Part 2 –

LIVE Market learning (12hr), for you to

💎 learn how to find trade opportunities during the pre-market period.


💎 experience the thrill and excitement of US Market Opening Bell.


💎 learn how to trade without technical analysis, or indicators.


💎 learn how to observe market conditions to determine

✅ whether the market is behaving normally or abnormally, and decide on the appropriate trading strategy.

✅ whether an options chain is “ready” for entering/ exiting a trade.


💎 learn the most suitable time period to enter/ exit a trade.


Part 3 –

💎 Monthly Continuous Webinar