We continuously ENSURE your learning is always kept in pace with the dynamic and volatile nature of the markets, by updating all relevant contents for EVERY new intake.


We develop this 1 ½ day workshop with the intention to start aspiring traders on a skill-based learning journey to acquire the "Craft of the Trade" in trading US stock and index options successfully. 

The 12-hour programme is intentionally designed for 1 weekend and 1 weekday evening session, consisting of 


Part 1 -

Classroom Learning (8hr), for you to acquire a comprehensive set of Practical Knowledge (vs textbook Theoretical Knowledge) that will firmly establish you to 

💎 have an in-depth appreciation of the incredible power of Options Trading (vs trading Forex, Stocks, Futures, and other derivatives) to enable you to trade with

          ✅ LOW Risk          ✅ LOW Leverage

          ✅ HIGH Winning Probability

          ✅ HIGH Reward

          ✅ High Capital-Efficiency

💎 understand thoroughly

✅ the strength and weakness in each of the 12 most-common Options Strategy suitable for aspiring traders of all levels of experience and capital

1️⃣ Long Call & Long Put

2️⃣ Naked Call & Naked Put

3️⃣ Bull Call & Bull Put Spread

4️⃣ Bear Call & Bear Put Spread

5️⃣ Risk Reversal Collar

6️⃣ Covered Call

7️⃣ Strangle & Straddle 

8️⃣ Naked Call & Naked Put

✅ the difference between trading the "correct" Options Strategy (vs the "right" Options Strategy) in a given market condition.

✅ when to trade with which Options Strategy in what market condition, to achieve the lowest risk and highest reward with the lowest capital possible.

💎 make Options Trading work profitably for you, in the shortest time with the least effort.

💎 develop your own trading style, according to your

✅ Character

✅ Risk Appetite

✅ Lifestyle Preference

✅ Time Availability

✅ Capital Availability


Part 2 -

LIVE Market learning (4hr), for you to

💎 learn how to find trade opportunities during the pre-market period.

💎 experience the thrill and excitement of US Market Opening Bell.

💎 observe the most suitable time period to enter/ exit a trade.


Lunch Hosting will be at Chin Chin Eating House, the historically-famous Hainanese Chicken Rice that has been serving traditional Hainanese food in Purvis Street since 1934; when the area was still the center of a thriving Hainanese enclave in the city, where early Hainanese-speaking migrants settled and worked when they first arrived in Singapore.