Ultra Trading can enable competent traders to raise their Day Trading productivity, by

  • spending less time on research, technical analysis, trade finding and other preparatory works
  • making less trades, and shorter trades
  • making more money per trade  

The 2-hour programme consists of 

Part 1 -

Classroom Learning for you to acquire a comprehensive set of Practical Knowledge (vs textbook Theoretical Knowledge) that will firmly establish you in the principles of Ultra Trading, thereby enabling you to  

  1. DETECT abnormal volatility and price action behaviors without technical analysis
  2. DISCOVER high-profit trade opportunities hidden inside already-confirmed price action movements
  3. DECIDE which Ultra Trading strategy is best for what market conditions
  4. DECIDE which time frame is the right Entry, Exit, and Stop-Loss points for higher-probability lower-risk winning trades.

Part 2 -

LIVE Market learning for you to learn how to apply (Part 1) in different real-time LIVE market conditions.

For this webinar, we will just discuss the US Opening Bell, focusing on stocks and ETFs only.

In subsequent upcoming webinars, we will discuss

  • London Opening, focusing on FX, Gold, Silver, Oil, and other commodities
  • US Opening Bell, focusing on stocks and ETFs
  • up to 30 monthly major economic announcements, focusing on FX, Gold, and Index Futures, including
    • Non-Farm Payroll
    • FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee)
    • ECB (European Central Bank)

LIVE Webinar @ TRT.sg

20/02/2020     |     Thursday

11/03/2020     |     Wednesday

10pm - Singapore,  Malaysia,  Philippines

9pm - Thailand,  Vietnam,  Indonesia