At this learning event, Dr FOO will teach on

1) how to apply price patterns (technical analysis) to market outlooks (fundamental analysis)

2) how to pair technical analysis and fundamental analysis using the Trading Naked methodology

3) how to apply the Trading Naked methodology in your own trading to achieve high probability of success.

He will discuss and analyse LIVE charts, including

- S&P500

- FTSI 100

- HIS Index




This is NOT a "What to Buy... What to Sell..." trading advisory seminar, so Dr FOO will not answer such related questions.

LIVE Seminar @ TRT Academy

No. 5 Purvis Street, Talib Court, #02-07, Singapore 188584

19/02/2020     |     Wednesday

10/03/2020     |     Tuesday

08/04/2020     |     Wednesday

29/04/2020     |     Wednesday