Thomas SAW     Founding Director & Master Trader Coach

TRT Academy is not a profit-driven business... As practicing traders, we are making our money from trading. Not from providing trading education.

We collect a fee from you for attending our premium programmes, as a gesture to ensure that you are really committed to attending and learning. Your fee is a contribution towards maintaining the facility and the infrastructure for all your “LIVE” market learning sessions. Your fee is NOT Our Salary.

And our “Extended Learning Support & FREE Re-Attending the Same Programme” policy will ensure that your trading skill is always kept abreast with the changing market conditions._

I founded TRT Academy in 2009 to provide a community environment for aspiring traders to receive good-quality education, peer support from other fellow traders, and coaching from successful practing traders.

Dr FOO Lung Sung     Associate Master Trader Coach

We make a conscious decision to intentionally maintain small class size for all our premium programmes, so that you will receive all the personal attention you deserve, and as much as you need to achieve skill mastery._

As practicing traders, we strongly believe that trading is a skill best learnt by hands-on practice, practice and more practice to achieve mastery. The best learning environment for practicing trading skill is the dynamic conditions of real markets. As such, 80% of all our programmes are “LIVE” market learning types, conducted during market hours.

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