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“Live” US Markets Live Sharing Evening

31  Oct 2014
Shares, ETF, Options, Futures – which is the best? Thomas Saw will reveal to you how to trade in the US markets for profits!

Traders Open House

15 Nov 2014
Come, join us for Traders Open House. You will have the opportunity to network and mingle with some of our practitioner traders and investors. What are you waiting for?

US Market Outlook

22 Nov 2014
During this PhillipETF Talk, Thomas Saw will be sharing his views and swing trading analysis for the US markets.

Renko Mastery Theory

22 Nov 2014
This one-day workshop is targeted to all traders who want to learn a new charting technique developed by the Japanese.

"After attending many training “gurus”, I found that Traders Round Table (TRT) is the right choice for enhancing my trading skills and have a breakthrough with my trading career. TRT is a place where the coaches are really Traders whose mission is really into education to empower people by teaching live trading. I am grateful that Thomas Saw, Founder of TRT, shared 110% of his knowledge with our group and that led me to develop my own trading/investing strategies in a short time period. I love the many live learning sessions where I learn to trade properly."

− Winston Choo

"Dr. Foo is a passionate trader & trainer. I have learnt down-to-earth and workable trading techniques. I feel assured that I am learning under an experienced trader who aims to portray the realism of trading and generously shares his trading experience."

− Jess

"I attended Dr Foo’s course after going for talks held by Traders Round Table. After listening to what he said, i went home to apply it to my everyday trading, and it really fine tuned my understanding of the Forex market! Attending the course furthered my understanding of chart patterns and market psychology, and i’ve been applying it to my trading methodology ever since. It was definitely worth every penny!"

− Leslie Quah

"Not so much about interactions and meeting new people, but it is truly a time of real business learning about the trading world! with $0 and I can learn about technical analysis in trading, it ain’t easy! I doubt other advertised seminars would give quality knowledge like Traders round table does. I respect their team of traders somehow. Unlike other seminars that are concerned about customer service, the traders and speakers may be more blunt and straightforward, however, they give quality advise to questions presented to them. Humble yet knowledgeable. If you are in seriousness about trading, try this. Present your trading problems with them and see the reply they give."

− Marcus

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